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A God of Second Chances

Bro. Randy Berry sermon , “A God of Second Chances” from  Jonah 3:1-10. Sermon Points: 1. God’s Mercy Revealed (vv.1-4) 2. The People’s Humility Displayed (vv.5-9) 3. God’s Calamity Relented (v.10)

From Regret to Rescue

Bro. Randy Berry sermon ,  “From Regret to Rescue” from Jonah 1:17 – 2:10 . This is the third sermon from the Jonah series Going the Wrong Direction.   Three truths we learn from Jonah’s experience. 1. We will be disciplined when we sin (1:17) 2. We should be distressed when we sin (2:1-6b) 3. We can…

Disregarding God’s Directions

This is the sermon 1 of the Series from Jonah 1-4, title “Going the wrong way on a one way street”. Today sermon is title Disregarding God’s Directions. This the overview for the series. Four observations of the life of Jonah 1. Jonah Ponders (Ch.1) 2. Jonah Prays (Ch. 2) 3. Jonah Preaches (Ch.3) 4.…